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Remembering Ray Larson

We were deeply saddened to learn today that former Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson died this morning.  Ray was committed to holding offenders accountable and seeking justice for victims. He was a tireless servant, who spent his career fighting for justice and safety within his community. As a founding member of the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) of the Bluegrass in Lexington, Ray knew that child victims deserved a comprehensive, multidisciplinary response to their outcry of abuse.  He often credited the CAC and multidisciplinary team with the successful prosecution of…

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CAC Kentucky’s 2021 Legendary Partner Virtual Event

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, CAC Kentucky hosted the 2021 Legendary Partner Event via Facebook Premiere to highlight the remarkable contributions made by its 2021 Legendary Partners.  Through their hard work and dedication to Kentucky’s children, Legendary Partners are committed to the work of Kentucky’s children advocacy centers as centers work together to provide advocacy and healing services for our state’s most vulnerable youth.  In addition to the video recognition, honorees also received capes and plaques. Each of Kentucky’s 15 Children’s Advocacy Centers nominated individuals with demonstrated commitments to…

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Clinicians Build Skills in Treating Trauma

Kentucky’s children’s advocacy centers are committed to helping children heal from the trauma of abuse.  On March 3, 2021, twenty-three clinicians representing eight of Kentucky’s children’s advocacy centers and two partner agencies participated in training on Advanced Topics in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).  Topics were selected after a survey of clinicians already trained in TF-CBT, an evidence based treatment model.   This three-hour training hosted by CAC-Kentucky was presented by licensed psychologist Melissa Runyon, Ph.D.  Topics included tele-mental health therapy, children with sexual behavior problems, and complex trauma.  In the…

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CAC Staff Complete Legal Training

Kentucky’s children’s advocacy centers are committed to maintaining appropriate confidentiality and privacy practices to protect the children and families served.  Close to 40 individuals representing ten of Kentucky’s children’s advocacy centers participated in training on February 10, 2021 to ensure they are up to date and in compliance with HIPAA’s medical privacy requirements.  This one-hour training hosted by CAC-Kentucky was presented by Sarah Spurlock, an attorney with Stites & Harbison, practicing in the firm’s Louisville office. Sarah is a member of the firm’s Health Care Service Group and Co-chair of…

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Protect Kentucky’s Children – Pass HB8

Kentucky’s regional children’s advocacy centers provide life-saving services to more than 12,000 children and caregivers each year. Child abuse is the number one public health issue facing children, with a costly impact for victims as well as our society. This is why our specialized intervention services are so critical! Kentucky’s children’s advocacy centers not only lessen the impact of trauma to ensure the health and well-being of survivors and families but are also making ourcommunities safer for everyone. House Bill 8 will ensure that $1.3 million in funding goes to critical…

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Resources in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

This period of isolation, while important for our health and safety from COVID-19, could be a perfect storm for child abuse. With our teachers and counselors removed from regular in person interaction with children, we know that incidents of abuse are likely going unreported. Another factor at play is home isolation. The majority of child abuse incidents occur in the home by someone the child knows and trusts. The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky is committed to supporting our children, multidisciplinary teams and caregivers by providing resources and access to…

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CACs Recognize Legendary Partners

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, CAC Kentucky recognizes the extraordinary efforts of its 2020 Legendary Partners with a special video presentation.  Governor Andy Beshear headlined the video presentation, sharing words of encouragement and support for the mission of Kentucky’s Children’s Advocacy Centers and the work of their 2020 Legendary Partners. Honorees also received capes and plaques. Each of Kentucky’s 15 Children’s Advocacy Centers and the state coalition nominated individuals with demonstrated commitments to serving children impacted by abuse. Join CAC Kentucky in celebrating its 2020 Legendary Partners by viewing the special video…

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CAC Satellite Opens In Harlan

Last week, the Cumberland Valley Children’s Advocacy Center (CVCAC), known to many in the region as the “TLC House,” opened a new satellite location in Harlan, Kentucky.  CVCAC, like all Children’s Advocacy Centers in Kentucky provides services to abused children within the area development district where the center is located.  For some children and families, this means traveling for an hour or more on remote roads in order to receive services.  This satellite and the others located around the state help bring the services to the children, families and MDT…

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LouAnna Red Corn Elected to NCA Board of Directors

Lexington Commonwealth Attorney, Lou Anna Red Corn will serve as the newest member of the National Children’s Alliance Board of Directors.  The election results were announced on November 14, 2018 from the NCA’s Executive Director, Teresa Huizar.  Lou Anna has a strong record as an advocate for child victims of abuse.  She is also a long-time friend of Children’s Advocacy Centers, serving as a founding Board member of Lexington’s Children’s Advocacy Center of the Bluegrass.

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A Donor Like No Other

On a Saturday morning last Spring, CAC Kentucky Executive Director, Caroline Ruschell received an email titled “excited to donate.”  The author, Amanda Bess, was a 34-year old girl she had never met and didn’t appear to have any connections to.  Amanda wrote that she had spent 6 months hiking the appalachian trail and as part of her journey started a GOFUNDME page for 2 non-profit organizations, one of which was the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky.  When she returned to the office, Caroline Ruschell called Amanda and learned that this…

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