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Resources in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

This period of isolation, while important for our health and safety from COVID-19, could be a perfect storm for child abuse. With our teachers and counselors removed from regular in person interaction with children, we know that incidents of abuse are likely going unreported. Another factor at play is home isolation. The majority of child abuse incidents occur in the home by someone the child knows and trusts.

The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Kentucky is committed to supporting our children, multidisciplinary teams and caregivers by providing resources and access to the services provided by a Children’s Advocacy Center in Kentucky.

CAC Kentucky Resources:

How You Can Help Kentucky Children

Your Guide to Kentucky's CACs - Includes Signs of Abuse & Information on Child Abuse Investigations

Resources for Parents & Caregivers:

WHO: Healthy Parenting During COVID-19 Crisis

American Academy of Pediatrics: Advice for Parents Experiencing Stress Over COVID-19

Resources for MDTs:

25 Tips for MDTs Conducting Remote Meetings during COVID-19 Crisis

Tips for Facilitating Virtual Meetings

SAMHSA: Child Abuse Considerations During COVID-19

Kentucky's MDT Model Protocol

Letter from Kentucky Multidisciplinary Commission on Child Sexual Abuse

External Resources:

Darkness to Light

National Children's Alliance

Kentucky's COVID-19 Resource

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky: COVID-19 Tool for Educators

Kentucky Child Abuse Hotline:

Report suspected abuse to the Child Protection Hotline: 1-877-KYSAFE1 (1.877.597.2331)